Due to the Virus19, we are
unable to have the A.G.M.
this season.
Mind you the number of people
who have attended the A.G.M.
over the last few years & travelled
with this travel club this season
I think this travel club as been on
lockdown for a few seasons now.
Hopefully, we will do better next
Changes will have to be made
regarding prices & travel for
next season.
Due to what is happening
with the fixtures due to the
C19 Virus, everyone who paid
for the Bristol trip will be given
a full refund. if I have not got
your payment details, can you
please send them to me ASAP.
Names & Money are slow
coming in. Don't seem to have
a lot of interest in going to
Bristol City.
So I may have to close the
list early to stop as losing money.
So if you want to go, then I need
 names & money in ASAP.
We will not be running
a bus to Barnsley or
Preston. The next away game
we hope to be running 
a bus will be Bristol City.
The price for Bristol is
£15.00 each.
Names & money must
be in by Tue 24/03/20
We are now taken names
for Barnsley.
I don't need payment yet
Just putting this up to see
how much interest we get
Names must be in by
Tue 25/02/20
We will only be taking the
34 seater to Stoke City.
you have till 18.00
tomorrow night to pay
your bus money for
Stoke City
I have to let the bus
company know what size bus
I need for this game.
We are now taking names
for Stoke.
Names & bus money must
be in by Tue 11/02/20
We will be taking the
19 seater to Luton
Still have a few spaces.
Due to a lack of interest
we will not be running a
bus to Reading in the
F.A. Cup.
Just putting this up, to see
if there is any interest in
going to Reading, F.A. Cup
Need names in by Sunday
19/01/20. Don't send any
payment until I have some
idea of numbers.
We are now taking names
for Luton Town.
I need names & bus money
in by Wed 29/01/20
There will be a little leeway
on this game, because we
don't know know how the
 the ticket allocation
will be sorted for this game.
The list is now closed for
Birmingham, We are only
taking a 19 seater for 
this game

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