No one will be put on
the list for Stoke City until
I have received there £25.00
deposit. Names & deposits must
be in by Tue 19/10/21.
There seems to be a lot
of interest for Stoke City on
Facebook, but so far not many
names or deposits coming in.
This list will close on Tue 19/10/21
We are now taking names
for Stoke City.
Names & deposit of £25.00
must be in by Tue 19/10/21
We have to start getting
people back on the bus
or this will have to be are
last season. I can't keep canceling
buses & expect the bus
company to stay with us
I know we are playing bad, but
this should be nothing new
for Cardiff fans.
The ones who paid the
deposit for Swansea
if you send me your details
you will get a full refund

I did not think that I would
ever say this, but due to a
lack of interest we will not
be running a bus to
Swansea City
Also, we will not be running
a bus for the midweek
game at Fulham

We are now taking names
for Swansea
Names & a deposit off
£15.00 must be in by
Wednesday 29/09/21
I don't have any news regarding
tickets yet, when I do I will put
it up on the site & on Facebook

Unfortunately Due to a
lack of interest we will not
be running a bus to
The ones who did book
on, if you send me your
details you will have a
full refund
Just a reminder of the
rules traveling with this
travel club.
Prices will all depend on
the number of people we
have booked on each trip
Your names will only be
added to the bus list when
I have received your deposit
The deposit amount will be
announced when I put trip up.
There is a no-smoking rule
or banging windows
Just take enough refreshments
for your journey one way
The bus will be cleaned out
when we stop for refreshments
If anyone causes any problems
on the bus or in the place
we stop for refreshments
It will be their last trip
with this travel club
We will not be running
a bus for Coventry.
We are now taking names
for Blackburn
Names & deposit of £25.00
must be in by 
Tuesday 14/09/21

We will only be taking
a 19 seater to Nott'm Forest
We have a few seats left
But if I don't receive the
£25 deposit then you won't
be booked on.
Anyone wishing to go to
Nott'm Forest have until
next Thursday 02/09/21
to pay the £25.00 deposit.
I have to let the Bus 
company know the size
of Bus needed.
We are now taken names
for Nott'm Forest.
No names will be put down
on the list until I have
received a £25.00 deposit
Names & deposit has to
be in by Thursday 02/09/21
We will not be running a
bus to Peterborough.
Next away trip after 
Blackpool will be
Nott'm Forest on Sun

I have now booked the
Bus for Blackpool.
The price for this trip
is £60 each. We have a
19 seater Bus. We still have
some places left.
I will put the times up next week
Update on Blackpool trip
We need at least 17 to
be able to run a bus
At the moment it's not
looking good
You only have a few
more days left.
Update on Blackpool trip
I need names & a deposit by
Wednesday 04/08/21.
I still haven't any news on tickets,
but I need names in ASAP
so I can order the bus.
Regarding accommodation
I think you should book
somewhere that will give
give a refund, just incase
we are not allowed tickets 
for the game.
Don't forget you have to book
your own accommodation.
A full refund will be given if we
are not allowed tickets, but not
if you pull out without good reason.
We can't afford to lose money on
any trips this season.

Bus prices this season will all
depend on the number of people
traveling on the day.
We have to let the Bus company
know at least 10 days before the trip.
I am still waiting to see if we have an allocation of tickets for Blackpool. So the list will stay open for now. But as things stand it looks that it will be a 19 seater. No idea of bus prices yet. As soon as I hear anything I will let you know.

Just putting feelers out at
the moment, to see what
interest I get about doing
an overnight trip for
Blackpool. If interested
I will need to know by
18/07/21. everyone will
have to book their own

Just to keep you updated 
about the travel club.
Bus company are set to go
Still no news about fans
traveling to away games yet.
I will keep you updated  
Just to let everyone know I have
changed my email address.
My new email is